North-East U.S. Helicopter Training & Scenic Tour  Specialists


Scenic Flights:

Up to 3 Adults included in Pricing:

30 minutes:   $295*

1 Hour:          $550*

Some Scenic Areas quickly accessed from Harris Airport include Lake George, Lake Champlain, High Peaks, Green Mountains, Champlain and Hudson Valleys.

Tours available Year-Round 

 Doors Off Summer Flying is encouraged!

*All Flights originate at Harris Airport in Ft. Ann, NY - Flights that require pick-up at a remote location will be billed for travel time to and from that location from Harris Airport.

                    Commercial Flights:

Commercial Flights are billed at $550/hr, originating at Harris Airport. 

Ferry time to and from Destination billed at Hourly Rate.

Ground Time (Helicopter not Running) billed at $50/hr.

Gyroscopic Camera Mounts Available on Request

Located at

Harris Airport - 83K

10915 St Rt 149

Ft. Ann, NY

(518) 361-1380

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